Important Lessons I Learned At The Zoo

You Can't Leave With Kermit


Later that evening I decided to pull up some picks on my computer of meerkats to try and draw them and get my head around their cute little bodies. Not sure I had much luck but here ya go…

attempt #1 - quick warm up sketches. I like the last two
attempt #2: I got his eyes a little better but how about that SCARY smile - but it really looked like that!
then saw this pic of this cute cat and did a very fast sketch of it and then called it a night 😂. Pushing pause on trying to figure out the meerkat 🤣.

THENNNNNNN… I kept thinking about those sketches I did so on Saturday I made another painting from those sketches. And I’m already feeling the urge to sketch another one from all of these so I have a feeling that’s what I’ll do tonight. I LOVE this process - it just keeps feeding creativity.