Great Sketching Day At Coffee ShopVer ahora (7 min) | Sooooooo, I keep forgetting to take pictures when I’m at the coffee shop - urgh! Jeannie and I got a huge table (8 topper!) and we spread out and had the whole thing filled with our supplies. Fortunately, our waiter (who may have also been the manager) was…
Weekend SketchesWatch now (4 min) | I couldn't believe how much work I created over the weekend!
Coffee Shop SketchesWatch now (4 min) | we had some obstacles at this coffee shop...
What's In My Bag: Coffee Shop SketchingWatch now (7 min) | Here's what I'm taking for this week's outing with my friend to sketch at a coffee shop
Coffee Shop SketchingWatch now (6 min) | tips you won't want to miss
Art HaulWatch now (7 min) | Just got some new art supplies in and thought I'd share them with you!
What I Painted This WeekendWatch now (4 min) | Subscribe for free to receive new posts.
Welcome & What You Can Expect To Find HereWatch now (7 min) | a short video about this new space
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